Just Give Me One More Moment Album


Genre: R&B/Soul

  1. It’s True
  2. Now
  3. Perfect
  4. It’s not what it seems
  5. Break it down
  6. Just give me one more moment
  7. Feel it in your heart
  8. Make it happen
  9. Living in the past
  10. Dreamer

Winds of Time Album


Genre: R&B/Soul

  1. Winds of Time
  2. You’re The One
  3. Flying High
  4. We Lost Our Way
  5. Wake Me Up
  6. Deal With It
  7. The Colours of Life
  8. It’s My Soul
  9. Working All Day
  10. Just Can’t Sleep
  11. The Stupidest Angel
  12. Take It Now
  13. Jukebox
  14. Make The Call

Beautiful Now Album


Genre: R&B/Soul

  1. Beautiful Now
  2. No More Blue
  3. It’s Just Got To Go
  4. Bye Bye Now
  5. To Be In Love
  6. Just Kicking It
  7. We had a good run
  8. My Final Day
  9. Lonely Night
  10. Sitting On The Wall

Full Circle

Genre: R&B/Soul

  1. Living On The Edge
  2. Let’s Hang On
  3. Full Circle
  4. That’s It
  5. You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
  6. Dark Brown Eyes
  7. You’re My Reward
  8. You Are My Heart
  9. Shot But Not Killed
  10. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now
  11. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
  12. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  13. Fly Me To The Moon

You Gotta Believe to Believe

Genre: R&B/Soul

  1. You Gotta Believe To Believe
  2. I Wanna Go To Heaven
  3. Run Don’t Walk
  4. My Girl
  5. We’re Here For A Good Time
  6. Surrender To Me
  7. Stand By Me
  8. You Are So Beautiful
  9. California Dreaming
  10. Daydream Believer
  11. No Time To Be Foolish
  12. I Can See Clearly Now
  13. Go Team Go
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    I was just recommeded to your album "Full Circle" by my dad, Pedro Kent, Sr. After listening to the earth shattering "ain't no stopping us now", I must say that I was hooked...

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